Hotel Muse Bangkok ความหรูหราที่มาคู่กับความเท่ กับบรรยากาศสุดคลาสสิคใจกลางเมือง

Hotel Muse Bangkok is a 5-star hotel under the M GALLERY extension that indicates the quality of the hotel. There are not many hotels in Thailand that can use the last name M GALLERY. Want to know what the Hotel Muse Bangkok has to offer? We’ll take everyone to see each other.


Here, the concept is clearly defined. With the main theme inspired by the Golden Age of Travel era in the reign of King Rama V, which Thailand began to adopt architectural influences from the Western world We will therefore see the decoration of the European classic style. That blends with the splendor of Asian elegance It is a strange decoration that you can see and want to be regarded as the highlight of this hotel.


And of course, with a beautiful theme and different from this place, Hotel Muse Bangkok is a simulated studio with a lot of beautiful photography angles. Can see From the lobby to the bedroom, you will be fully immersed in the decoration. Like falling into another world, completely different from the chaotic world outside


The hotel has 174 rooms in total, with a swimming pool and a communal fitness room for customers who come to stay using private services.


The room is fully equipped with all the amenities in the room. Both the king size bed is so soft and comfortable that you will not want to get anywhere. Or it’s a sexy bathtub that you can see in the room as well There is also a TV, sofa, work desk, fridge.


And the one that we like most is the city of Bangkok. Panorama that we can see from the bed. The decor in the room was made out beautifully with the theme of the hotel. This room will definitely give you a relaxing experience full of happiness.


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