The Float House River Kwai Resort, Kanchanaburi style Floatels style is a floating resort in the middle of world-class attractions. Like the historic river "River Kwai" and surrounded by lush green forest Counted as the ultimate floating boutique Luxury level with a romantic atmosphere among the mountains

All rooms are villa level with spacious living area. Constructed from whole wood Roofing with vetiver grass that responds to nature When is the long weekend? Please hurry to travel here. Guarantee that you will definitely be impressed

เดอะ โฟลทเฮ้าส์ ริเวอร์แคว รีสอร์ท
เดอะ โฟลทเฮ้าส์ ริเวอร์แคว รีสอร์ท ที่พัก

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