Nakhon Nayok, another province near Bangkok, easy to get to the morning and evening. In addition to relaxing places and attractions, there are also many cafes to sit in. Each shop is definitely a good atmosphere, beautiful scenery, beautiful pictures for you to sit and relax, chill out, atmosphere, believe that you will like it. Check the list together to see better. That this minute has a cafe, Nakhon Nayok Where to sit

1. In the middle of the cafe

Chill-out cafe atmosphere Overlooking the green rice fields The more you sit, the more you feel. Adding a more chill atmosphere to the pond Take it as a seat, get a cool breeze and sit back and relax, sip coffee and delicious drinks. In addition, there is also a ready-to-serve menu such as spicy salad menu, rice with shrimp paste and grilled pork rice. Which we want you to try

2. Fourbuta café

3. Suan Pa In Coffee Shop
Pleasant coffee shop Comes with the atmosphere of a beautiful garden and the water's edge Whichever way you look, it is surrounded by green trees that provide shade. The shop is surrounded by clear glass. Receive natural light There are many zones to choose from. During the sun, the wind falls. Suggest that you try to sit in the zone next to the canal. Believe us that it must be impressive. Many menus, drinks and desserts such as cocoa, Americao with vanilla ice cream, Thai tea cake and chocolate cake

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