This year has a good trip. Is it worth living? If you still try to touch the cool style of Japanese style at the price of Wagyu ultimate dream place to visit once in a lifetime!

Shiraz Wagko World Heritage Village Central Valley, over 300 years old, as beautiful as fall into the fairy tale. The winter season December – February of each year is the peak season. The atmosphere in the village is white with snow. The ancient peasant village attracts tourists all over the world!
DAY 1 starts from Kansai Airport. We take the JR Haruka Line to Kyoto Station. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Kyoto Station. We will take the bus to Takayama because it is easy to save money. Book online in advance. All the travel expenses are finalized to the end of the review.
The bus stop is located behind the Kyoto station. The F3 bus number indicates when the bus will arrive. The bus in Japan is very timely. Should wait for the car before 15 minutes.
16.30 Bus arrives on time! As Kintesu’s bus driver comes down, open the luggage and check the passenger list. We just pre-booked the booking paper. This is a car!
Take a car to fall asleep. Wake up to the two sides of the snow filled road full of excitement.
After 4 hours, we arrived at Takayama. The bus will be parked at Takayama Bus Station. Country Hotel Takayama. Bottom of the hotel is FamilyMart, with a hungry go down to buy rice dumplings to eat. Country Hotel Takayama rates 1500 baht per night.
Have ramen hot One cup from FamilyMart, the staff will ask, “Tabasmeh” about how to eat? I guess we will answer that Hi, it will be a wafer for a cup of 400 yen each, and 200 cans of beer per yen.
DAY 2 Get a new morning with a temperature of -6 degrees. Dress thickly to wait for the bus. First round 7.55 am at Takayama Bus Station. To go to the village of Shizuoka Wagashi out of time! It should be 15 minutes before this is the face of the Nohi Bus that takes us to the World Heritage Village.
Line up the car at the number 4 Booking Booking online to the driver. Take a trip to the village of Shizuoka 1 hour.
And then we came to the village of Shizuo Wako, both excited and happy to walk through the cold to experience the atmosphere in the village better! Snow today While walking the village, I did not stop.
This is a bus that will take tourists to view the high angle of the village of Shirahama car for 200 yen / trip.
Each house is a traditional Japanese house called “Gosho” at the roof of the house is a slope similar. With the hands are people. The roof is made of sturdy wooden beams, with heavy snow loads in winter.
Walk to the center of the village to find. Bridge over Chokawa River This is a beautiful photo. Blue River flows through the village. Looks like a fairytale painting.
Old dark wooden houses are covered with snow. The atmosphere in the village is beautiful and cool to see where the white.
This door is not sure if it is the entrance to the shrine? First time I was impressed by the charm of this village. We are very fortunate to book the car early morning. Due to the heavy snowfall, the other rounds will come up. Must be canceled!
I do not know why. I sit quietly by the restaurant in the village. Let’s say that the shoes are good to win over half a foot warm all day!
Another side of the Shokawa River An ancient village. Who do you want to go to? But when we went to the heavy snow, some of the floods were closed! And mid-January to mid-February. There will be a Shirakawago light up festival in the period of 17.30-19.30, only 6 days. I will try to check it today.
Once in a lifetime, conquer the dream has visited. The beautiful fairytale village. Sleep, sleep, sleep, and then we! Who wants to experience authentic Japanese fusion. Easy travel saves money. Follow this review to go!

total costs
– Round trip – Takayama (round trip) 2,458 Baht
– Takayama Bus Ticket – Shizuoka (round trip) 1,445 Baht
– Accommodation Hotel Country Hotel Takayama 1,500 THB

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