Know also? Trang has a fog. The only place to see the whole sea of ​​fog at the new ecological holiday that people still know little. Even some local people have never visited. Invite your friends to check in first!

Wang Pha Khao is 1600 meters above sea level, located at Wangprabang District, Wangtet District, Trang, about 40 kilometers from Trang Town.
First, call our reservation staff. Or the tent to sleep well before. Because we have to walk up the hill at 4.30, which requires staff to guide you can not walk up.
4.30 staff will wait for us. Prepare a flashlight Check the readiness of everyone before climbing. Follow the staff in the dark. At a height of more than 600 meters, do not pork, think of going to sleep, inhale, inhale, massage, balsam, wake up morale along the way.
Finally, I scrambled up to the top of the hill. I saw the wow face in front of a single word that is very valuable! It is a view of the mist. It is a sunrise with me.
The sea of ​​mourning Trang City View the air on the clouds.
On the “Wang Pha Khao” view point on the left, overlooking the Andaman Sea and the islands. In Krabi province On the right side you will see the seven peaks and beaches of Trang.
The sea of ​​mourning Trang City View the air on the clouds.
The back of his legs to see the path that came up. I still wonder. How did we come up? High and steep
Wang Pha Khao
Address: Tambon Wangpook, Wiset, Trang.
Telephone number: 065-068-3255

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