Koh Samet, Rayong Island is believed. “Koh Kaew Baro” in Phra Aphai Mani literature has a white sand beach with the blue sea to see where there is on Koh Samet. Do not miss Did you miss it? When visiting Koh Samet. The slogan is that. “Samed One Day” ”


10 Points to Miss on Koh Samet

1. “Sam’s horse” Koh Samet, Rayong.
2. mermaid sculpture “true love”
3. Sai Kaew Beach
4. Ao Wongduan
5. Ao Prao (sunset view) Beautiful nature)
6. Laem Yai (Watch the sunrise)
7. Ao Pakarang
8. Snorkeling Island / Rattan
9. Bo Thong
10. Ao Wai (good quality water)

“Horse peg”

A large butterfly at Koh Samet pier, Rayong is the first tourist spot. When it comes to Koh Samet. It is in the literature of “Pra Api Mani” famous that everyone knows. Get the new nickname “horse horse” or mother butterfly.

And also the brand of Rayong. The newly launched “horse peg” Butterfly Ocean Surprise is the most beautiful when visiting Rayong. It is bright and fresh and also has a Surprise. Many in Rayong.

“Mermaid” sculpture “true love”

When there are butterflies, how do mermaids lack? The “true love” sculpture at Hat Sai Kaew, a new tourist attraction on Koh Samet.

The sculpture “True Love” is a mermaid sculpture by the sea, by Harithorn Akarapat was inspired by love. The mermaid is a son.

The love of mother to the child is like Koh Samet is beautiful mother. It is a national giving to human children. Marine life Both career and tourism.

“Ao Prao”

The most beautiful beach on Koh Samet. A beautiful sunset. The beach is clean. Quiet atmosphere Suitable for relaxation. And see the shallow coral.

“Sai Kaew Beach”

It is the busiest point on Koh Samet. There are shops, restaurants, entertainment and entertainment facilities. Sai Kaew Beach Water activities include jet skiing, rubber boats, banana boats, canvas beds, beach umbrellas and beachfront shopping.

“Coral Cove”

It is a beautiful sunset spot on Koh Samet. There is a spike in the sea. Phuket province At the end of Koh Samet. Located on the Toei Cape. National Park Conservation Unit No. 1 (Coral Bay) Khao Laem Ya National Park – Koh Samet

Walk to Coral View Point Must walk for a short distance. Enough to sweat The abundance of forest on Koh Samet.
The beauty of the coral bay view. The mountains and rocks. Cascade Angle and dimension to take a variety of photographs.

Recommended on Koh Samet

“Nimmanoradee Resort”
It is about 500 meters from the coral reef. The resort is at the end of Koh Samet. It is right on the bay and has a quiet private beach. The atmosphere is beautiful, surrounded by beautiful views.
Boutique Resort is a small house with 31 units on the hill. You can see the sea around. Pastel house Octagon Is unique
On the bay front. Filled with trees The shadow lined. The beach is full of natural jungle, sea anemone and sea candles.
There are also shells and crabs that are easy to find at the beach with natural rocks lined. Can play water
Activities include snorkeling, fishing, beach fishing, kayaking, kayaking, phishing, sunrise and sunset. One of the most beautiful on Koh Samet.

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