Penang Street Art Guide
Penang is the capital of the world famous in competition with Miami and Berlin. For those who want to experience Penang’s best street art, this self-guided walking tour has a comprehensive base and allows for exploration.
City Guide Penang Street
This is a printed version of the Walking Tour as a reference.

Penang Street, Georgetown Art

Penang has long been on the map for me and is very much for the selection of street art, which is why when the need for visa processing comes I have added the opportunity to travel to Penang. Needless to say, street art has met every expectation. As a street art enthusiast, it’s not enough to do aerial exploration and the amount of art available in George Town is overwhelming. If you have a great time to explore! If not, here are details about what you will find and where you will find Penang Street Art.

Penang Street Art Street
Murals “I Need a Chest” Ming Ming Candle Artist WK Setor was invited to attack the owner of a candy store. Obviously, the two children are none other than the children of the candy owner!

History of Street Art in Penang
Do not be fooled by the faint murals that plagued the dilapidated wall. Penang’s Art Street is a decade-old phenomenon with the presence of progressive city officials as much as the ingenuity. In 2008, the history of George Town The capital city of Penang was awarded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Government of Penang hosted a competition called “Making George Town” to claim creativity in the Ravens. Utilizing public space in an attempt to brainstorm new names and disguise identity, the “sculpture at work” firm in Kuala Lumpur has won and has created 52 large-scale steel sculptures, illustrating The long forgotten story of Penang’s streets, which now marks several streets in Penang.

Georgetown Penang Street Art

Armenian Street Georgetown Street Georgetown
“Georgetown Mirror” by Ernest Zacharevic.
Shortly before the artist was born in Lithuania, Ernest Zacharevic was approached to paint a full-scale scene for the George Town Festival 2012 murals he inspired. 6 images were inspired by human life. Day of Penang captures the lively spirit of Penang City. City through naughty scenes. The “Little Children on the Bike” mural takes the same route as Penang on the map, as tourists flock to this site to be delighted passengers with two youngsters who are rejuvenated. The majority of the Zacharevic interactive pieces contain art elements that interact with real elephant-painted elephants riding on the back of an abandoned motorcycle. His work is a fascinating picture of art that is integrated into the environment.

Malaysian Road Malay art
Mural painting introduces 1000 tourists.

Update: Do not look for “Two Children in a Boat” at Chew Jetty as some of the villagers I asked for were ignored and degraded due to no maintenance fees.
Pro-tip: When standing in the line for “Little Children on the Bike” mural, start at the end near the seat. That is the beginning of the technique. “And you’ll get a much faster turn on the bike.

Penang Road, Arkansas, Georgetown
Overreaching Children’s Art Street, Penang Georgetown
Little boy with dino street art penang georgetown
Boys on a motorcycle, Penang Street, Georgetown Art
Project “101 Lost Kittens”
Personally, I’m not a big fan of animals. But very strange, I love animal motifs and art. The cat theme is what I get down with. Special Brownie point to “artivism”, art made in the name of good cause! The “101 Lost Kittens Project” is a project initiated by Artist for Stray Animals (ASA) to help raise awareness and control over the forgotten population in Penang. Most of these murals are found in the second half of Lebuh Armenian (Armenian Road) through Beach Street intersection. Each of the murals drawn in this collection focuses on positive and / or positive points. Concerned about the stray cat Below is called. “I can help catch rats” to encourage villagers to keep cats as pets to help control pests.

Street Street, Georgetown, Georgetown, Malaysia
More Street Art in Penang
While the intense concentration of these murals lies within the boundaries of George Town, the popularity of Penang’s street art has spread throughout the boundaries of the historic center, and is now in every corner. You will see an illustration.

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