Kulaça, also known as Alcoholic Bread, is often used as a substitute for bread in Albanian homes because you can do it quickly. Traditionally, one would bring Kulaç to important dinners, appointments, baptisms or weddings. Kulaça is usually made for breakfast and can be salted. (With butter and feta cheese) or sweet (with honey or jam)
In this “Food Finds” post, I invited my old classmate Livja to introduce my favorite family dish: Livula Kulaç has created and edited such breathtaking videos as long as I know her and she is proud of her heritage. Of Albania I was thrilled that she brought her people’s culinary tradition to the table with the help of all her family members. Be sure to watch the video tutorial below and subscribe to your YouTube Channel for more information. “Tell the story to the soul” more

Words from Livja: Do everyone think their grandmother is the best cook in the world? Because my nena is a shaman in the kitchen – I bet with Leta. I realized that if I wanted to inherit her epic culinary skills and carry on our Albanian family recipes, I would have to learn now!
Why not start with the main Albani legend – Kulaç (pronounced kulach)?

This recipe is simple and delicious, almost unreasonable – take a look!

Make Alaskan Soda Bread Kulaç
Nena proudly shows her kulaç skills.

Alcoholic Bread Ingredients

Brief notes on ingredients
Yogurt does not need to be chobani, but it must have both milk.
After baking Kulaç, you can simply eat or use different spreads. You can also use honey, jam, and preserved lemon.
Make Alaskan Soda Bread Kulaç

Make Alaskan Soda Bread Kulaç
You can make it simple or make a complicated design.

Put the KULAC in the burner.
Make Alaskan Soda Bread Kulaç
Bake for 45 minutes until golden brown.

Leave to cool for 30 minutes.
Make Alaskan Soda Bread Kulaç

Food recipes

Make Alaskan Soda Bread Kulaç
Bread should crisp when coming out of the oven.

Dressed with butter, honey, jam or feta cheese.

If you decide to serve Kulaça before it’s completely cool, just destroy it with your hand instead of using a knife because the knife will interfere with Kulaç’s consistency.
Ju beft te mire! (Enjoy)
Find the formula below.

Alcoholic bread recipe Albanian
Feel free to print this out!

This is a tutorial video to get you all the right steps:

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? in the kitchen … comment below to share more recipes for me to discover!
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Recipe for Alcohol Kulac Soda Bread with @ The Next Somewhere

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I’ll all try this! I never had that sound and looked so good! It seems so easy to do. I’ll give you a post how it turns out!

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I love freshly baked bread and look delicious. I’ll all try this recipe, except I’m terrible bread and get to know the setting of a few lights.

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