Located just five kilometers from the coast of Naples is the popular resort island of Capri, a summer escape for locals and foreign tourists alike. Every vacation in their own very La Dolce Vita search, or ” Sweet life “As a place to escape the chaos of reality, Capri has many visitors throughout the warm months, so read Capri’s guide!

A short guide for Capri |

The arrival to Capri is ferry or almost anywhere from Naples (40 minutes by ferry), Sorrento (20 minutes by ferry) or Positano (50 minutes by ferry). Marina Grande, the ferry pier and the first pier to the island. Here you are bombed with the stream of crowds and locals waiting for you to sell anything – anything – or provide transportation for the day. Be prepared and plan to make sure that you do not tear and spend most of the time on the island.

A short guide to Capri | World of Wanderlust The world of passion

How to get around
There are some ways to get around the island. But before naming these, it should be noted that Capri is a rather large island to get around, although most of the tourists manage to make their way around the foot or with a cart to reach Capri Town. There are many hotels in the area or one day in the street. If you want to see Capri more, here are two of your best options:

Vespa Car Hire
For a few hours you can rent a Vespa for 40 Euro, including gas and insurance. This allows you to see your own vacation island for a number of periods, allowing you to see the highlights. But do not give you much time on each. If you want to see and do all the activities offered. You can rent a Vespa for an hour or more by paying an additional fee on return. We’ve found that this is the best way to travel around and see the island on our own pace by visiting the various parts of the island with hand-drawn maps presented by our staff.

As soon as you arrive at Capri, you will notice endless taxis. (Many people are top to bottom) ready to take you wherever you want to go on the island. You can pay to take you to the town of Capri or hire them a few hours to drive you from point to point around the island, giving you amazing views and driving experience on the island’s top. !

By foot
Alternatively, take a walk from the city of Marina to Capri for about 25 minutes or more and spend less time as you return.

Public bus
There are also public buses running around the island, which are cheaper options, though limit your freedom to island by yourself.

Guide to Capri | The World of Wanderlust A Quick Guide to Capri | The World of Wanderlust A Quick Guide to Capri | The World of Wanderlust The Capri Guide

Things to see: Around Capri
Although Capri is relatively small, Capri becomes a much larger dog as you intend to loop around the island and watch everything in one day. In order to truly enjoy this island, I recommend staying overnight for a few nights so that you can kick back and enjoy the sunrise and sunset, especially as the crowd departs around 5pm. And you have the island for yourself.

Capri Town
Your first point in calling is Capri Town, especially if you are looking for a quintessential Capri atmosphere with a beautiful roof terrace, fresh flavors on your plate, and a healthy gelato to fight the summer sun.

If you plan to see the island away from the popular Capri, go to AnaCapri to experience the local vibe and walk down to the south coast for a breathtaking view of the cliffs.

Blue Grotto
Another popular spot for visitors is watching the Blue Grotto Cave. As such, this is so popular I recommend arriving before the crowds beat or make your way by land without an additional boat tour.

A Brief Guide for Capri | The World of Wanderlust A Quick Guide to Capri | The World of Wanderlust A Quick Guide to Capri | The World of Wanderlust A Quick Guide to Capri | The World of Passion

Capri Town
Not only the name of the island of Capri is also the name of the two towns of the island. This is the most popular venue for visitors, especially visitors from Naples, Sorrento or Positano. The restaurants, bars and the best of the many are here, so make sure to visit:

Buonocore Gelateria
There is really no gelateria in town if you manage to find it! We found ourselves walking to the local people pointing us in the right direction, and even though we had trouble finding a busy crowd! I opted for chocolate and hazelnut – both delicious with a very creamy texture – some of the best gelato from our trip to Italy!

La Cappanina
Located at me

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