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Find ‘quick beach trips from Ho Chi Minh City’ and you should be traveling with Vung Tau and Mui Ne as the only option. Trust me when I say to you that Coco Beachcamp (Le Minh Cong Lane, Tan Phoc, La Gi, Vietnam) is the best secret of South Vietnam. Get off the beaten path in the tranquil fishing village of Lagi. You’ll discover that loneliness and fun can coexist in the same area. Coco Beachcamp is the base for all beach raves coming on weekends and mellows out in the day. Changed to a chilled resort. Two hours from Mui Ne and only 2.5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City, I was fortunate to visit the campground during my month in the country when I needed to recharge from the chaos. Prepare to return to the US Hideaway Hipster is the perfect remedy for the disgusting Saigon spirit.

To stay in Vietnam coco beachcamp

Travel from Ho Chi Minh City: Arrange a private van to Lagi at one of the many transportation hubs on Bui Vien (backpacking street) and let the driver know that the stop is “Coco Beachcamp. “Private van starting at 150,00 baht only. You can travel by motorbike in about 2.5-3 hours from Saigon.

cocobeach camp lagi vietnam

Full on-site restaurant and bar.
Free bicycle
Rooms are varied.
The pool overlooks the beach.
Souvenir shop by the beach
En-suite private bungalow / beach front cottage
Air conditioning and fan in bungalow
Fully equipped beach tent with sofa, bed and private fan.
Photoshoot area (for those looking for something worthwhile)
On private beach
Car service to city center
Hosts many music events.
Outdoor BBQ area
In-house water sports such as sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing
cocobeach camp lagi vietnam

Coco Beach Cams offers five types of cottages with beachfront cottages and over 40 bungalows, two tents, and elegant beachfront tents. They also have a camping trailer parked near the entrance for guests to live out their van fantasies! For those who go camping, there is a shared bathroom and electricity station to keep your battery inflating, while beach bungalows and bungalows are equipped with private bathrooms and air conditioning for those who prefer the convenience of animals. There are also rooms that can accommodate up to eight people. However, you must specify your requirements for booking your room.

I was fortunate enough to be in the beachfront cottage, Room 01A, which offers breathtaking views of the shoreline. The interior design is a subtle touch of boho straight chic coast. I am truly excited to have a private bathroom. But do not get your hopes up for anything fancy. Also make sure you bring a toilet slipper because the bathroom floor is slippery as hell and I almost smashed my face on the floor trying to brush my teeth. Behind the row of beachfront cottages set amidst the beach is Lang Moc Rustic Village, a triangular bungalow with small wooden floor.

Close to Coco Beachcamp’s main dining area and entrance is more private vans and bungalows. For families looking for some peace, I recommend booking this bungalow in the general because it is far from any loud music played near the beach bar. If I could do it again, I would love to be in a luxury tent on the beach. Each luxury tent comes fully furnished with a true mattress, a couch, a small coffee table and an electric fan, and only $ 10 per night. You will not find better deals. Although we are reminded that in the summer in Vietnam, when the sun comes up, the heat will be as opaque as any tent.

Pro-tip: Booking in advance for several weeks in advance and sell fast, especially on weekends.
Where to stay in Vietnam Cocobeach Camp
Bright blue beach bungalows overlooking the sea.

Where to stay in Vietnam Cocobeach Camp
Open the door and you will be on the sand.

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