Cap Treo Da Lat (Cable Car) (Location 11.925096,108.4424685)
Here we are very coy. That you must come Will come to see if it looks like in Hong Kong The ropes here sit 2 people, it’s scary. Some people go 4 people, we are scared instead. Because the small basket And when being hit

Once in the basket There will be a Chinese temple near each other. Can walk to travel If anyone comes with a tour Get off the cable car and walk through the temple. There will be a car to pick up in front of the temple. No need to take the cable car back to the same place again. As for anyone who is able to follow the coordinates, I have finished visiting the temple. Take the cable car back to get the motorbike as well

by the wind, it swings a lot, but it’s fun. The view is beautiful. Dozens of pictures.
This is a view before taking the cable car.

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