Thee Lor Su Waterfall is located in the area of Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Umphang District, Tak Province is a large limestone waterfall. Which has strong water flowing all year round The waterfall is surrounded by a large rainforest that is considered very fertile. And with the greatness of this waterfall, it has been ranked as the 6th in Asia as well.

In addition to the Tee Lor Su waterfall that is famous among tourists. In Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary There is another waterfall that is beautiful. And full of charm, no less than the other is the Lor Lor waterfall or the rain waterfall, which to go to see the Lor Lor waterfall Have to sail rubber boats from Umphang along the Mae Klong River In which the waterfall will be on the way to Thi Lo Su Which we can use the local tour, nature tour program along the Tee Lor Lor-Su Lor waterfall day course in one day

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