Traveling to Burma is relatively new, finding good and modern information about traveling to Burma is minor. For example, many guides recommend that you carry a small amount of US Dollar bills. But when I visited in February of last year, 2560 Myanmar (MMK) has been widely accepted. There are many things I want to know first, and here are the 15 things I learned on my first trip to Myanmar.

1. There is a $ 100 limit on your passport at the airport.
A few years ago the US dollar was the preferred currency. Nowadays, MMK is reigning, but there are only a few ATMs around the country, even in the major cities of Yangon, Bagan, Heho and Mandalay. Your safest bet is to withdraw at the airport. Please note that there is a limit of $ 100 per passport, so lend a friend if you want more.

UPDATE: For tourists in the city center, the Anawrahta district or Maha Bandoola Street will be the two streets in the city. (Running parallel), which will have counters and many banks. Probably the 27th to 41st streets, the ATMs are working better, although it certainly confirms that your home bank will support banking in Burma. There is also a Western Union Yankin Cnter near Inya Lake. There are about 6 ATMs next to each other as well as most shopping. Have a chance to work Sometimes an ATM might be easier because your exchange of US dollars needs to be sharp and new. Many foreign exchange sellers will not accept the bill by folding down a bit – from their friends. Erin

First Trip to Myanmar Cash
Bills come in small denominations so be prepared to carry lots of cash for you.

2. Many people still wear traditional dresses.
In Burma, men and women wear longyi, which is the fabric below the skirt as a fashion item every day. Women also painted their faces with thanaka, placing cosmetic shells. The symbol of the yellow-white makeup of the beauty of the country not only. It is also useful to use as a natural sunscreen as well.

First Trip to Burma
Even kids put cartoons in circles on their cheeks.

3. Taxi from Yangon Airport to the city center is only $ 8.
There is a fixed price for a taxi from the airport to downtown Yangon, which is 11,000 MMK (~ $ 8 USD). Do not pretend to spend more than that. A traveler travels for $ 25, which makes them feel like they are about 45 minutes away from the city of ceter. To avoid this, accept the 11,000 MMK price before hitting. If the driver does not agree to notify the security guard and jump into the next vehicle.

First Trip to Taxi Ride in Myanmar
Shwegadon pagoda is closer to the airport than the actual downtown area, so avoid the airport if you do not have a lot of flights.

4. Take the Yangon train and drive along the way.
For locals, the Yangon train is an inexpensive way to travel around the city, but for those traveling through Yangon City with insufficient time on their hands, circular trains are a great quantity of sightseeing and relaxation. For three hours, you will cross the city to the farthest point (generally in the countryside). Then you will loop back until you reach the city center. The train does not have air conditioning and windows do not have mirrors, so do not feel overwhelmed to look at life. Passengers are also friendly with the characters as well. The cost is 100-200 MMK (> $ 1 USD) for all sitting.

Tip: The snack vendor will walk up and down the corridor. But never had a water seller. Avoid dehydration by bringing your own bottle of water.

First trip to Yangon, Myanmar
My cousin Felicity staring out of our bus window.

Buy a $ 1 tourist map while in Bagan to find the exact location of the temple.
In the digital age, most people rely on their phones for maps. If you do not have a reliable mobile phone service, purchase a 1,000 MMK (> $ 1 USD) Bagan Tourist Plan from Bagan Tourist Plan. This is the best investment I’ve made. Highly detailed Folders have names and numbers for every measure, as well as the best indicator for sunrise and sunset. And most importantly, the map covers all the winding roads and tiny dirt.

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