Although Koh Samui is Thailand’s third largest island while it is only 15 miles long and 13 miles wide, some names come from ‘koh’ meaning island and ‘samui’ means safe haven. The island is home to an estimated 63,000 people, up by 73 percent of visitors on any given day.

Many interesting attractions and interesting places of interest in Koh Samui may not be enough for two days. This is recommended for 2 days in Koh Samui comes in the equation. Here are the most interesting and interesting attractions for you in 2 days in Koh Samui.

Day 1 Visit the coast.

Daylight: Have fun with the sun, sand and surf.

This is your first day at Koh Samui. Why not spend some time in the coastal area? Koh Samui is surrounded by beautiful white sand and clear blue waters. Beaches along the east coast, including Chaweng and Lamai beaches, are places of interest to the city. While on the west coast you will find that the beach is wide and busy. There are also many beach activities such as snorkeling and snorkeling.

Along with enjoying the tranquil beach and the Gulf of Thailand coastline for 2 days, Koh Samui travel plans should include a visit to a representative house of 200-year-old Chinese architecture. The structure is made up of teakwood with a red roof.

Sunday Brunch by the sea

When deciding whether to spend several days in Koh Samui, make sure one of them is Sunday, allowing you to treat your tastes to a plethora of foods between 11:30 am to 7:30 pm for Sunday Brunch. At Beach Republic, the menu includes oysters, bass, salmon and lobster, as well as beef, lamb and turkey. Cheese lovers are greeted by a superb cheese board. Adult bookings include free cocktails, beer or wine.

Evening: Shopping

One of the most unusual activities that needs to be done in Koh Samui, where participation is the integration of Walk Street. This is a combination of the farmers market and the area of ​​specialty vendors. Settlements in Thailand host this event on different nights from Thursday to Sunday from 5:00 am. Local vendors such as Chaweng’s classic gems proud of the fact that all the jewelry. Presented for sale are made of certified gems.

Day 2 Explore Koh Samui

Daytime: Visit the temple and the most important place in Koh Samui.

While Koh Samui’s main attraction is the statue of Buddha and the Buddhist temple during the two days in Koh Samui, it is worth the time to visit the small fishing community of Bophut to experience the island’s casual lifestyle while touring. In Thailand, more and more efforts are underway to maintain the influence of China in the Bophut period.

Things to do and see in Koh Samui on the 1st should include the landmark of the Buddha and the statue of the second major place. But less than known in Koh Samui’s Guanyin Goddess of Mercy. These figures are similar to Madonna. The Buddha, nearly 50 feet above the ground, was built in 1972.

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Evening: Performances and Entertainment

All things related to Koh Samui, Thailand, things to do should include visiting tigers and aquariums, giving visitors the chance to get as close as possible safely to the majestic tigers and enjoy. Seeing marine creatures in their aquarium habitats. Visits to this place include shows and demonstrations with leopards, sea lions and tigers. At various times during the day, birds with birds, hawks, hawks, hornbills and other living creatures fly. Visitors also have the opportunity to take pictures taken with the beast by professional photographers with the opportunity. Benefit from the zoo.

Details on interesting activities in Koh Samui are attending the Buffalo Fight Festival. Similar to the American cattle arena, the stage is separated from the audience by a wooden fence. After being bathed in water, two buffaloes are released to fight themselves until they are defeated. This contest is hosted by the Master of Ceremony, which is responsible for explaining the rules for the benefit of visitors and entertaining local Thai viewers, many of whom place their bets on the results of the competition.

the last word

With so many things to do and see and places of interest in a wide range to travel, enjoying these things in a few days is not possible, especially when you are not planning your trip well. But if you have as little time as possible to spend two days on this island, this guide should be useful.

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